Sunday, 24 September 2017

WASTED! The Story of Food Waste at Planet in Focus


Anna Chai/Nari Kye, USA, 2017, 85 min

Slick, solution­-oriented, and featuring Anthony Bourdain at his sardonic best, 
WASTED! The Story of Food Waste is that rare social issue documentary that’s every bit as entertaining as it is informative.

Do you remember when Documentaries where things you were forced to watch in High School,  well this isn't one of those.  It's eye opening and educational but it's also whitty and interesting.  It puts food waste into perspective and you will feel a twinge of guilt the next time you throw food into the garbage and forget about it.  This documentary is one that SHOULD be shown in schools to young children so that they learn where there food comes from and where it goes if they don't eat it.

I highly recommend everyone watch this film.  It has so many well known people in the food industry discussing different aspects of the food supply chain and how everyone can do their part to make a difference.  

You can see it at the Planet in Focus Film festival in Toronto  in October 2017.

PLANET IN FOCUS Screening Times: Saturday 21 October, 6:45pm ­at Innis Town Hall

Screens with THE POACHER (Nicholas Jones) 

Friday, 22 September 2017

My Tiff Film Picks

For the past 17 years I have chosen my Tiff (Toronto International Film Festival) Volunteering Shifts and then have begun the long task of trying to figure out which films will fit into the spaces in between work and Tiff shifts.

This list is my picks of films I want to see.  I will probably only have time to see a handful of films this year but hopefully these films will be released to a wide audience in the future and I am sure many will be nominated for Academy Awards.

Here is my list.  I use this as a reference as I am running around town trying to get into rush films most of the time.

It's now past the festival and I will check mark the ones I actually got to see.   A lot of these are already coming out on Netflix or in the theatres so I will see more soon.

My TIFF Picks:

Don't Talk to Irene
Meditation Park
Porcupine Lake - Directed by Torontonian Ingrid Veniger
All You can Eat Buddah
55 Steps
 Borg/McEnroe - About Tennis stars Bjorn Borg and John McEnroe rivalry - Starring Shia LeBeuf
✓ C'est La Vie
Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool
The Leisure Seeker - Donald Sutherland, Hellen Mirren
Long Time Running - Tragically Hip Documentary
Mary Shelley - Starring Elle Fanning
The Mountain Between Us - Idris Alba, Kate Winslet
Stronger - About the Boston Marathon Bombing survivor - Starring Jake Gyllenhall
The Upside
The Wife
Woman Walks Ahead
First Reformed
Happy End
The Other Side of Hope
The Disaster Artist
Battle of the Sexes
The Children Act
First they killed my father - Angelina Jolie
Gaga - Five foot two - Documentary about Lady Gaga
I love you daddy
The killing of a sacred deer - Starring Colin Farrell
Loving Pablo - Starring Penelope Cruz
Mark Felt - The Man who Brought down the White House
Mollys Game
On Chesil Beach
Professor Marston & the Wonder Women
The Shape of Water
Sheikh Jackson
Unicorn Store - Brie Larson
Victoria & Abdul
The Carter Effect - Drake, Vince Carter
Eric Clapton - Life in 12 Bars - Documentary about musician Eric Clapton
The Final Year
The Gospel According to Andre - Documentary about Andre Leon Talley
Grace Jones - Bloodlight and Bami - Documentary about Singer Grace Jones
Jim & Andy - Documentary about Jim Carrey and Andy Kaufman
Love means zero - Documentary about Tennis coach
Sammy Davis Jr - I've gotta be me - Documentary about Sammy Davis Jr. legendary personality.
History of Hollywood
Super Size me 2 - Follow up Documentary by Morgan Spurlock

not on my list but a last minute film:
The Escape

My 3 favourites were:

  1. Super Size me 2
  2. Kodachrome
  3. The Leisure Seeker
While they don't match the award winners except for maybe Super Size me 2... they are very moving and entertaining.

I  will try and add some reviews soon.