Sunday, 30 October 2016

Eatable Film Festival - The Need for Meat

It's the second year of the Eatable Film Festival held at the Royal Cinema on College Street.  I attended one of the films in the 4 film series last week.
Each film and food and drink pairing costs $39 for a ticket.

Held over 4 nights, each night a different food film is paired with a local restaurant and drink vendor to make it a full experience.

The screening I attended was the film "Need for Meat", a film by Marjin Frank.  The restaurant providing the food was Scott Vivian's Beast, they made a meatball with fennel and sauce,  inspired by the film.  There was also a drink created for the night but I can't remember what it was.  It was a bit too medicinal for me.

The film "NEED FOR MEAT" is about a young mother who decided that she needs to give up meat to be a better example for her young daughter.  The on again off again carnivore/vegetarian decides that maybe she should have to slaughter a cow to get her to stop eating meat.

She explores what it's like to work in an eco slaughterhouse and gains respect and love of the process and she discusses her experiences with a psycho therapist to find out why she can't give up meat.

She has raised her daughter without feeding her any meat while still eating meat herself but feels hypocritical about that and struggles with what she believes is good for her child and the planet and her intense craving and love of meat.  Will she give it up or will she keep eating it and raise her daughter as a carnivore.  You will have to see the movie to find out.

Warning:  This movie is very RAW and graphic.  Adult entertainment.  It is a Dutch film but is in English.