Thursday, 27 April 2017

Film - Cafe Nation at Hot Docs

How serious are you about the coffee you drink?

Do you drink anything that's cheap and convenient or do you seek out the best coffee you can find or make?

If you are obsessed with the quality of the coffee you drink then you will enjoy the journey of Canadian Ben Put who strives to be one of the Best Barristas in the World.
He has travelled to Dublin, Ireland to compete in the World Barrista Competition.

Ben is the part owner and Barrista at Monogram Coffee,  Coffee is  his career and his life.  He practices his coffee making techniques like he is training for the Olympics.  With his wife's support he has dedicated years to pursue the Top spot in the world of coffee making.

Maybe you just think your cup of Java is just some coffee beans and hot water.  Ben thinks there is a lot more to it than that to make the most perfect cup of coffee and he is not alone.

Director; laura o'grady
Tue, May 2 - 8:15 PM -  TIFF Bell lightbox 4
Thur, may 4 - 3:30 pm - scotiabank theatre 7
sun, may 7 - 9:15 pm - scotiabank theatre 13