Thursday, 25 April 2019

My HOT LIST for Hot Docs

What to see at Hot Docs. - MY HOT LIST
I had a chance to preview 2 Hot Docs films before the festival's start.  One was The Corporate Coup d'Etat and the other one was Maxima.  Here is a bit about these 2 films and a couple of others on my HOT LIST

The Corporate Coup d’État 
This film is an interesting look at the history of  how we got to the "Make America Great" Trump battle cry and how we got here through a look at history to a look at the people the greed and power filled decisions of a few un scrupulous men and how it put people out of their homes and increased the divide between the rich and the poor.  This film was put together very well through it's look from Mussolini to Trump and the people along the way that drove the change and the ones that paid for these changes created by Greed.
The Corporate Coup d’État will have its Canadian Premiere as a Special Presentation at the 2019 Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival, on April 29 at 9:30PM EST.
Screenings at the Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival:
Monday, April 29 - 9:30pm at Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema
Tuesday, April 30 - 10:00am at Isabel Bader Theatre
Friday, May 3 - 12:00pm at Hart House Theatre 
 MAXIMA is the story of one tenacious woman with a purpose.  It captures the story of Máxima Acuña, a generational farmer in Peru who takes on a fight to keep her land and survive the corporate violence of billion-dollar American mining giant Newmont Mining when they lay claim to her land. Máxima Acuña’s is a strong, determined but unassuming woman who believes she must fight to protect was was her legal rights and save her families future and the future of her people's health and livelihood.  This is a true story of the power of one woman on a mission to do the right thing.
MAXIMA has its World Premiere as part of the new ‘Persister’ programme at Hot Docs Canadian Documentary Festival on April 27 at 5:45PM at the Isabel Bader Theatre in Toronto, Canada. 

MY HOT PICKS - Films on my list of Docs to see
Toxic Beauty is a documentary feature film that knits together archival footage, personal stories, and hard-data to deconstruct doubt propagated by Big Cosmetics and Pharma, making nefarious claims that we have nothing to worry about. Toxic Beauty will have its “Special Presentation” World Premiere at the Hot Docs International Documentary Film Festival on April 28 at 6:30PM EST at Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema.
Screenings at Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival:
Sunday, April 28    6:30pm      Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema
Monday, April 29   12:45pm   TIFF Bell Lightbox
Thursday, May 2    5:45pm     Scotiabank

The Wandering Chef is a story about Korean celebrated  Chef Jiho IM who demonstrates the power of food bringing people together and his longing for a mother he wishes he had in his life.
World Premiere:
Wed May 1 - Hart House - 6:30pm
Thurs May 2 - Scotia Bank 3 - 3:00 pm
Fri May 3 - Isabel Bader Theatre - 9:30pm

Miles Davis: Birth of the Cool

If you know about Jazz you know who Miles Davis is.  This is a legendary artist with a long career who has influenced many people in the music business.  You rarely see much about Miles Davis so this is a must see doc.
Wed May 1 - Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema - 8:45pm
Fri May 3 - Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema - 10:00am
Sat May 4 - Tiff  Bell Lightbox - 6:45pm

Ask Dr. Ruth
Many people would ask my mother if she was Dr. Ruth because she looked like her but didn't totally sound like her.  Dr. Ruth is like your Jewish grandmother who gives you advice and then feeds you but in this case her advice is about sex.  If you have never heard of her you must have been living under a rock.  She has been giving advice for decades and has the most amazing sense of humour about her job.
Fri Apr 26 - Isabel Bader Theatre - 6:00pm
Sat Apr 27 - Tiff Bell Lightbox - 10:00am

Mystify: Michael Hutchence
This is the one I want to see the most.  I loved INXS the Australian Band who were huge in the 80's and have continued with a new singer after lead singer Michael Hutchence's sad passing.   He had a mysterious personality and his voice was distinct and full of soul.  I am surprised it took so long for a documentary to be made.  He was gone far too soon.  INXS continued successfully but it would have been great to see it continue with Michael Hutchence as the driving force.
Sun Apr 28 - Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema - 9:30pm
Mon Apr 29 - Hart House - 9:15pm
Wed May 1 - Tiff Bell Lightbox 10:00am
Sun May 5 - Tiff Bell Lightbox - 1:15pm

The subject of AI kind of freaks me out a bit.  I have seen other documentaries about it and you have to wonder what will happen to humans in the future if AI can take over everything.  The only thing left for humans to do will be to create AI and fight for the same things they always did.
While I believe there is a benefit of technology to help people especially the elderly who are unable to do daily tasks I hope that we don't replace the human to human connections that are what make a life worth living.
Mon Apr 29 - Scotiabank - 8:45pm
Tue Apr 30 - Scotiabank - 12:00pm
Sat May 4 - Tiff Bell Lightbox - 6:30pm

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