Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Entourage Movie

Yes, I am a big fan of the Entourage TV show and would binge watch DVD's of the show in one weekend when they were released.  I didn't watch it on HBO but had to wait for the DVD's and watching the ENTOURAGE MOVIE kind of felt like my old binge watching days.

I realized how much I missed watching the shows and I also realized that this film might not have the same appeal to everyone as it did for me.  I realized that because I brought my gay friend who wasn't an Entourage watcher and his assessment after the movie was that it was just "I don't know, kind of as predicted" or something to that effect.

The room full of audience members howled at some of the situations Vinnie Chase and his boys got themselves into.  But my friend didn't laugh as hard as I did and I realized it was because he didn't have the history of each character and the time to develop a love of each of them.  And I suppose as a gay man he wasn't so impressed by the abundance of naked females.  I am probably the one that should have been offended by this but it's part of the character of the shows.  It's excess in every way.  And I guess the fact that I used to work with a bunch of guys that kind of lived in this excess world I could understand that while the fact that it's in Hollywood and with people that have endless bank accounts there are still people that try and live this way even if they aren't Hollywood celebrities.  I knew an 18 year old once that was a Vinnie Chase with an attitude and Daddy's money and I bet he can watch this film and relate to it.

I look past all the objectification of the women and look into the heart of this Entourage group.  Four guys from Queen's, New York trying to make it in Hollywood with the help of super agent Ari Gold played by Jeremy Piven, who will do whatever it takes for his pal and client Vinnie Chase played by Adrien Grenier.

Ari Gold is one of the most interesting characters of this film.  He is trying to keep his ego, and anger in check to please his wife while trying to achieve his goals as a studio head and make put the Gold spin on Vinnie Chases movie.

This film is an extension of the series but a little more fuller with more complications and an Entourage baby is even introduced.   The next generation?  Hmmm...

This film has so many celebrity cameos that you can't even count them all.  Some of my favourites include Mark Wahlberg of course and Billy Bob Thornton plays the money guy with his sone being played by Haley Joel Osment, a character you would have never predicted you would see him be.

Then there are the returning Entourage guest appearances by people like Jessica Alba, Andrew Dice Clay, Gary Busey, David Spade, Bob Saget and so many more.

And of course Ari Gold's former gay assistant Lloyd appears again as a successful agent and he convinces Ari to give him away at his wedding and somehow talks Ari into having it at his home.

There are so many crazy things going on with the boys as usual but really at the heart of this movie it's really about the friendship and loyalty of the boys and what they will do for each other.

To me this is the male version of Sex in the City.   People seem to be divided on which team they are on.  I am on team Entourage for sure.   I can also relate because I am on Team Entourage during the Toronto International film festival although my Entourage team can't even come close to the lives of these boys but at least sometimes we get to see the real Mark Wahlberg in person and I can tell you that the guy is a class act in person.   Yes I am still an Entourage fan and I hope that you are too and as I always say go and see the movie and decide for yourself.

The MOVIE will be in theatres starting June 3rd.