Monday, 22 June 2015

Kevin Pang & Curtis Duffy discuss FOR Grace at NIFF15

While at the Niagara Integrated Film Festival - NIFF2015 I had a chance to interview Director Kevin Pang and Michelin Star Chef Curtis Duffy who was the subject of the Documentary FOR GRACE that screened at the Niagara Integrated Film Festival the night before at Peller Estates winery.

Director Pang was familiar with Toronto since he lived in Scarborough when he was a kid.  He is now a food writer at the Chicago Tribune and For Grace was supposed to be a short profile piece on Chef Duffy's new restaurant but it turned into a whole lot more.
Chef Curtis Duffy

Chef Duffy is a highly regarded American Chef who overcame many personal challenges to achieve his dream of being a Top chef.

I decided to shoot a bit of video and used my still camera so the sound you hear is the water feature in the garden near where we were standing.  And I should have packed my tripod because this camera doesn't seem to stabilize the way my video camera does.

But it was a pleasure meeting Chef Duffy and Director Pang as I really loved their film when I saw it at Hot Docs.  
Here's is a bit of the interview we did.

Niagara Integrated Film Festival - NIFF2015

Grace Restaurant Chicago - Curtis Duffy


Kevin Pang - Chicago Tribune