Thursday, 9 July 2015

Self/less an interesting mix of sci fi, action and drama

  2. I was fortunate to be able to attend a preview screening of the new film SELF/LESS starring Sir Ben Kingsley and Ryan Reynolds.  The great thing about seeing preview films is that you see them without any pre conceived judgments attached to them and other people's opinions so you walk into them with an open mind.  I thought that the trailer looked interesting but I found the film to be a lot more deep than the a trailer can convey. I thoroughly enjoyed this film.  Besides the fact that it was starring an incredible actor in Sir Ben Kingsley and a great and handsome and Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds.  There was also another great Canadian actor Victor Garber and a very interesting character played by Matthew Goode.  A stellar cast of actors. What I also really appreciated about the film was the fact that it was well written with an interesting story that was a bit sci fi, a bit of action with some amazing stunt scenes and it had a love story but not in the way that happens in most hollywood movies.  It reflects where we are with medical breakthroughs and the things people will do to reverse the ageing process and prolong life.  

  1. Successful billionaire Damian Hale (Ben Kingsley) has accomplished many things but he is nearing the end of his life because of Cancer.  While his mind is still strong his body is failing.  He comes across a business card that claims to be able to help him.  He decides to take a leap of faith and try an expensive medical procedure called "shedding," in which his consciousness is transferred to a new body that has been developed in a lab as he is told. Every surgical or medical procedure has it's consequences but Damian who has now taken on another life and is now called Edward  in (Ryan Reynolds) body, starts a new life in New Orleans.  Everything doesn't go according to the plan when he starts having hallucinations about someone else's life. He knows that there is more to the hallucinations and begins to investigate their source.  What he learns takes him into a world he didn't bargain for.  There are true consequences to his actions and he is taken on a path to make it right and reverse the damage that these experimental shedding processes have done.
   While I don't do Star ratings because everyone sees a movie through a different set of glasses but I highly        recommend seeing this film.  It is a ride that will make you think about the future of technology and it's    consequences.